Friday, February 16, 2007

IHSA misses another opportunity

POINT #1.... The IHSA had yet another chance to win over fans and media. A year ago, obviously due to scheduling conflicts with the supersectional sites, the IHSA had a doubleheader supersectional on Monday night and Tuesday night. Fans and media were ecstatic over the fact they were able to watch four supersectional games in a two-day span. This year? All supersectionals will be played on Tuesday night, which has disappointed fans and media throughout the Chicago area.

POINT #2.... After taking a look at the Elite Eight brackets, there is another glaring weak bracket and powerful bracket, which seems to be the case more often than not. There has been plenty of debate whether the Elite Eight should be seeded. Who would do it? The fact is, the bottom bracket this year is loaded while the top bracket is without any true top five team.

With all this being said, it appears on paper Warren will be the team to beat in the upper bracket, with the likes of Simeon, T.F. North, Thornwood, Hillcrest, Lincoln Park, Washington, Loyola Academy, Peoria Richwoods and Marshall all battling it out in the bottom half.

POINT #3 .... After further review, T.F. North is for real. At least that is what the results continue to show. The Hoops Report probably has been about the last to jump on the T.F. North bandwagon. It will be interesting to see the prognosticators pick T.F. North this March.

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